RZUstyle brings royal art to your outfit

Of all art forms made with needle and thread, Chikankari embroidery has stood the test of time and emerged as the most beautiful. The aesthetic appeal of the delicate white embroidery on translucent fabric captivated the royal darbars of the Mughals in days of yore, and still continues to be made in the homes of artisans in Lucknow. The rare essence of Chikankari embroidery is in its jaali work – the ancient artisans captured the beauty of intricate patterns of marble jaali and inlay work of the Mughal period monuments. A testimony to the skill of these artisans is the demand for Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery among celebrities and fashion designers all over the world. Today, Chikankari has been subject to experimentation, but still remains trendy and elegant as a work of art.

Each handcrafted garment from RZUstyle is exclusive and a work of art

RZUstyle brings to you the best and most exclusive Chikan work from artisans in Lucknow, who work tirelessly at creating beautiful and unique designs. Lakhnavi Chikankari embroidery is done using more than 30 different types of stitches, thus making each design one-of-a-kind and impossible to imitate. The end-to-end manufacturing process involves the following steps – acquiring the cloth, cutting, stitching, printing, embroidery, jaali work, final stitching, washing and pressing. The entire production takes up to 3-5 months’ time; sometimes this process even extends up to 7-8 months, depending on the intricacy of the work and design.

Every product that we offer is specially handcrafted and known for its timeless quality and exclusive hand embroidery patterns. The unique fact of our exclusive hand-crafted work is that we usually make only one piece in each design, thus making our garments pieces of art that cannot be mass produced. RZUstyle blends the best of traditional practices in ethnic handmade Lucknavi Chikankari embroidery with the latest trends in designer ethnic wear to bring you exclusive pieces on our online store. Shop from our huge collection at: http://www.rzustyle.com/.

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