Chikankari kurtas styled for your lehenga

The ubiquitous Indian garment of utmost beauty at weddings and festive occasions is the lehenga. Whether you are the bride or the bride’s best friend, having a traditional, sweeping and dazzling lehenga is a must to look your festive best. The lehenga is also called a ghagra in the north of India and pavadai in the south. It has evolved from the antariya, which is a form of skirt gathered together at the waist and held by a girdle and drawstring. Embellished variations are worn by women of many communities in India for traditional folk dance performances, parties and marriages today. The best part about the evolution of fashion is that the beauty of traditional garments is now blended together with other style trends as well. These days, you can choose from various styles to drape your dupatta and even get your lehenga stitched in a specific silhouette to suit your body – go for the hourglass flare if you are wider in the shoulders, a rectangle pleated lehenga if you are small-made or an A-line lehenga to balance the typical pear-shaped Indian body type.

Pair a long kurta or even an Anarkali with your lehenga
Whatever the style of the lehenga, it is important to match it with the right kind of top. You don’t need to stick to the matching choli that you got with your lehenga – the trend of the times is to mix-and-match with other fabrics and contrasting designs. Ethnic handmade Chikankari embroidery on short and long kurtas is a perfect match for an ornate lehenga, even if you want to recycle your own wedding lehenga. Go for a short kurta in Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery if your lehenga style is rectangle pleated or A-line. Pair your hourglass flared lehenga with a Chikan work long kurta to give the ensemble a stately and sophisticated silhouette.

At RZUstyle, we have a wide variety of long and short kurtas featuring handmade ethnic Lakhnavi Chikankari embroidery to suit your fashion sense, whatever be the occasion. We strive to make your online shopping experience effortless and efficient. Shop online with us at:

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