Quirky home décor with Chikankari

The elegance of ethnic Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery is undeniable. The sweeping embroidery on delicate fabric adds style and sophistication to any outfit, be it a formal salwar kameez, a saree or a kurta for men. What’s more, handmade Chikankari embroidery on sheer fabrics can also be used in home furnishing as a quirky option. Finespun fabric like muslin, georgette and even cotton can add charm to your home and highlight your outstanding taste in home décor.

Go for graceful curtains in kota with ethnic Lucknavi Chikankari embroidery to frame your windows. White curtains work beautifully during the day, while coloureds are well-suited at any hour and through all seasons. The delicate swirling patterns of ethnic Chikankari work – the most famous embroidery work from India – give your home a kitsch look that is colourful and festive. Fabrics used for such delicate embroidery work undergo an intricate preparation process to ensure they stand out with charm and personality. The fabric that is to be adorned with Lakhnavi Chikankari embroidery undergoes five distinct stages of preparation – stitching, printing, embroidery, washing and finishing. In Chikankari, the creeper motif is the most common design,the popularly used pattern is Paisley and the floral motifs jasmine, rose, flowering stems, lotus, etc.


Chikan embroidery on sofa covers is a fabulous way to highlight your living room. Embroidered linens on sofa backs make the room look classy and cozy, inviting your guests to sit back and relax. Choose covers that match the colour of your sofa fabric, especially when dealing with earthy tones like browns, reds and greens. Contrasting colours add pomp and luxury to linens and sofa fabrics in cool colours like blues.

At RZUstyle,qe-5-13_f we have a wide range of home furnishing in ethnic handmade Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery for your shopping pleasure.We have a plethora of table covers & coffee table runners. The White chikan work is a favourite among our online shoppers as it blends with all decor.
We strive to make your online shopping experience effortless and enjoyable. Shop for home décor online at: http://www.rzustyle.com/Chikankari—Home-depid-647555-page-1.html.


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