Unleash the designer in you

Dress materials offer a freedom to the wearer like no other garment can. You are not restricted by designs or sizes – you no longer need to stand for hours in line at the change room of the outlet mall waiting to try out dresses that you can only hope are in your size. And if you don’t like the designs, you have to wait till the next collection is out and that could take months! With dress materials in hand, you become your own designer, and your outfits are made for you so they will fit you to the T. All you need is a trusted tailor and you’re good to go.


When you choose ethnic Chikankari embroidered dress materials, you’re making a timeless fashion choice. Handmade traditional Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery is stylish in all seasons and for all occasions. You can never go wrong with a Chikan work suit at a wedding, a festive event, a formal dinner or an office meeting. When you design your own outfit with a Lakhnavi Chikankari dress material, you can choose your style depending on the occasion. Wear it long for a formal evening, or get a short kurta and a semi-Patiyala or open salwar stitched for a wedding sangeet in the family. You can even create a trendy palazzo pant. Whatever the style, the exquisite hand stitched Chikan work will add sophistication and grace to your outfit, making you the centre of attention in the room.

At RZUstyle, our ethnic Chikankari cotton dress materials don’t come with pre-defined neck patterns, so you can create your own style that suits you the best. Each kurta that you design for yourself becomes an exclusive piece that only you own. Each traditional cotton Chikankari dress material also comes with a chiffon chunni in a contrasting or matching shade, depending on the pattern; georgette materials come with a georgette chunni. If you want only a kurta and a matching chunni that you can wear with a favourite pair of leggings, you can choose from our exclusive range of cotton Chikankari kurta fabrics in a wide range of colours. Shop online at: http://www.rzustyle.com/Chikankari-Dress-Material-depid-569704-page-1.html.


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