Drape the beauty of Chikankari around you

What better way to show your love for the classic elegance of Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery than to wear it draped around you in an exquisite saree. The allure of the saree is only highlighted by the intricate embroidery, unmatched by the charm of the kurta. Doctors and teachers love the Chikankari saree as it is low-maintenance and beautiful at the same time. A Chikankari saree not only speaks of your great taste, but also shows off the artistry of this unique Indian embroidery art form.


The Chikan industry of the days of yore enjoyed the patronage of Nawabs and the rulers of Awadh. Artisans and craftsmen created designs that were unmatched in beauty for their masters. Now, it has evolved into a unique and unsurpassed art form. Due to the variety of stitching styles involved in Chikankari, this one-of-a-kind embroidery craft is impossible to imitate in any other part of the world. The delicate swirls and bewitching floral patterns of the embroidery adds sophistication to the beauty of the saree form.

At RZUstyle, we realise that grace and style go hand-in-hand with the Chikankari saree, and therefore, we have designed a huge variety of sarees that carry this authentic ethnic traditional art work. Try the All-Over ethnic Chikan Kota saree if you want to the artistry to add finesse to your look at a festive occasion or a wedding. Our pure georgette sarees are known for their graceful silhouette that fall perfectly around your body. Even our semi-georgettes are quite in demand now, with specialised mukaish, aari and sequin work done to add to their allure. The evergreen glamour of the cotton saree is highlighted by the intricate Lakhnavi Chikankari embroidery on the pallu. Wear it with flair at a formal dinner or an office event.

RZUstyle strives to make your online saree shopping experience effortless and memorable. Shop for gorgeous cotton, Kota and georgette sarees online at: http://www.rzustyle.com/Chikankari-Sarees-depid-569816-page-1.html.


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