The long and short of it

How many times have you sighed at the various ethnic wear options available for women? Fear not, because ethnic kurtas for men now come in both long and short varieties. Gone are the days when kurtas were only associated with journalists and artists; now, a kurta can make a style statement and help you look sophisticated when the occasion demands for it.


Whatever be your preferred fabric, without the right embellishments, any kurta can look lacklustre. A splash of handmade ethnic Chikankari embroidery on a white long kurta can bring out its classic allure. The men of Bollywood and Hollywood swear by white Chikankari embroidered kurtas to display their unique flair. For a touch of class at the work place or even a simple puja/aarti, try the classic white Lucknowi Chikan short kurta. The delicate floral motifs of the handmade Lucknavi Chikan embroidery will give your outfit timeless elegance.

Whether your reason to dress up be festive or formal, RZUstyle has the right options for you. Our wide range of men’s Chikan kurtas – both short and long – come not just in classic white but in a variety of other colours that look trendy and fabulous. RZUstyle is always committed to make your online shopping experience effortless and fun.  Log in to our website at


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