Embroidered beauty for your home

One need not think of heavy furniture alone when wanting to beautify the home. Fabric adds that elegant feminine touch to any room, especially in the form of table runners and covers. Gone are the days when table covers were only seen as protection for furniture. Now, ornamental table cloths are being used at celebrations and important events at homes around the world to bring out an added flair or even to denote a special meal for the whole family.


Embroidery done on table runners and covers brings out the charm of your home. Who says art needs to be only on the walls of your home? Bringing out an exquisitely embroidered tablecloth for a special meal or a get-together can elicit many “oohs” and “aahs” from your guests. It will give your guests the impression of a carefully and thoughtfully decorated home. Mixing and matching the colour of your table covers with the rest of your table linen is another fun activity; what better way to display your taste in art? You no longer have to stick to the standard white table cloth, as you can now choose a variety of colours that complement the rest of your décor.

At RZUstyle, we have a wide selection of ethnic Chikankari embroidered coffee table runners and dining table covers for you to choose from. Our pre-washed cotton table cloths feature the best of Lucknowi Chikankari work and come in a range of colours to brighten up your home and bring out your style. Our entire range of ethnic Chikankari home furnishing is now available. Shop online at http://www.rzustyle.com/Chikankari—Home-depid-647555-page-1.html.


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