It’s a silky thing!

Invented in China and journeyed to India in 5th century BC, Silk has been considered as the queen of textiles since time immemorial. Silk has always been luxurious piece of garment to own and Indians in particular have a special fondness for this fabric. When it comes to weddings, one cannot deny the purity and richness of pure silk garments. The royal families have preferred rich fabrics like georgette and silk when it comes to their clothes. The Chikankari influence on these fabrics are also a by-product by the then stately kings and queens.


Chikankari was traditionally done on salwar- kameez or Salwar – sharara. Slowly it graduated to sarees and to keep up with modern times, Chikankari is now being done on silk kurtas and kurtis. Silk as a fabric is delicate and so is Chikankari work. This intricate embroidery adds a unique charm and richness to the fabric. Chikankari on silk kurta can be worn by both men and women and is the perfect choice for any festive occasion.

At RZUstyle, we make bespoke ethnic silk Chikankari kurta for men, women and children. Our workers are highly skilled and painstakingly hand stitch each outfit. We offer long and short silk kurta with intricate Chikankari embroidery. For the convenience of our customers based across geographies, we offer online shopping of Chikankari kurta. So this festive season, it’s time to go ethnic with RZUstyle handcrafted silk Chikankari kurta. Shop online at –


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