Dress your material away

So we have spoken and seen a lot of ready-made Chikankari garments. But what if you do not like the regular market made options? Fret not! Custom made dress is the right choice for people who like individuality in their clothes. If you are one amongst them, then choose the ethnic lucknowi chikankari dress material and get it custom-made according to your liking at RZUstyle. How? Read on –


The market is filled with lucknowi Chikankari ready-made kurta and salwar kameez. What is missing is the uniqueness which only a hand-stitched chikankari garment can provide. There are umpteen options when it comes to lucknow chikan salwar kameez online. Usually our dress materials do not have a pre-defined neck line so it offers flexibility to make dress of choice and design. Design the material either as long flowy dress for festive occasions or casual set for office wear. Similarly, ethnic lucknavi Chikankari kurta material gives you an opportunity to design garments on basis of your existing dresses. So if you have a favorite bottom, you can pair it up with a new kurta and mix match outfits.

At RZUstyle, we house dress materials in different colors, designs and fabrics like cotton, Kota, silk, semi and pure georgette. Our cotton chikankari dress material is the most sought after by our customers.  Check out our lucknow chikan suits online collection –http://www.rzustyle.com/Chikankari-Dress-Material-depid-569704-page-1.html#page=1


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