Silk Chikankari – A dash of elegance

Displaying IMG_6620.JPG“ Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand” quoted famous red carpet designer Oscar de la Renta. Silk as we know is known for elegance. Add Chikankari work on silk and voila, you have an interesting attire to don this festive season. With colours of silk and the detailing of chikankari will make you stand apart and pretty amongst the regular traditional festival attire.

Silk has a fine texture which makes it perfect for embroidery especially Chikankari. The light shimmer in the thread gives the embroidery and the whole garment a rich look.

We at RZUstyle do not deny that we have an enviable collection, So if you think you need something grand, traditional yet unique and comfortable that you need want to wear this in festivals, a friend’s marriage or an upcoming office party. You need not look further to order your silk chikankari at RZUstyle and dance away to the beats. Visit our website at and experience this festive shopping.


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