A slip to cover

whatsapp-image-2016-10-14-at-21-09-20So we learnt that Chikankari is now a perennially favorite with both classes and masses. But what’s the first thing which is associated with Chikankari – Transparency. Lot of people hesitate to wear Chikankari primarily fearing transparency. We have that sorted for you. How? Read on –

There are different kinds of fabric used for Chikankari. Except for georgette and silk, Cotton and organza are sheer in nature. Silk, Pure Georgette and Organza Chikankari is a new trend and is chosen more for festive occasions. Cotton or semi – georgette is more widely popular for daily wear. It’s an unspoken rule that Chikankari outfits need an inner lining whether it is stitched or worn separately. This makes the fabric more dense and the wearer more comfortable

At RZUstyle we house cotton inner lining in different colours. A thumb rule to follow – Always choose the lining colour similar to the outfit else there will be a clash of colours and the end result – Disastrous!

Want to know more about it? Do log on to our site – www.rzustyle.com and shop away!


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