Transparency – What ails Chikankari ?

So what ails India’s most loved and beautiful art ? Same as the other embroideries – Transparency.

Chikankari has been suffering with duplicates for a long time. Hand made Chikankari is expensive due to labour involvement and more time consuming. On the flipside,  Chinese machine embroidery offers cheaper and almost quick fix style which attracts more customers. To a novice though both would look the same, a keen eye will definitely spot the detailing. Chikankari is done mostly by women and the knowledge was passed on to future generations. Lack of opportunities, money and resistance to art has reduced the karigars to a mere few. The only solution is to preserve this ancient embroidery by compensating the works fair, dealing with only genuine and authentic materials and keep innovating. RZUstyle is committed to revive and sustain Chikankari for many years to come. We adopt only ethical and fair work practices and retail in authentic Chikankari embroidery. Some of our masterpieces –

Our keel kangan offering –


The pallu has maximum work with minimal design all over the saree.


Our tepchi work –


Apart from sarees and dresses, RZUstyle offers contemporary home décor fabrics also. Presenting a table runner which has combination of murri and shadow work with darz embroidery at the edges giving it a distinct look.

combo                                   darz-at-edges




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