Fabric – Drapes of art

Chikankari is a timeless piece of embroidery from time immemorial. This intricate embroidery from Lucknow gives any garment a chic understated look.

Chikanks-53-18-1_s1ari, being an elaborate delicate embroidery is done on thin fabrics such as Cotton, muslin, georgette, chiffon etc. The reason behind this is the ease of needle movement on the design which is being sown. Traditionally Chikankari was done on white or pastel shades of Muslin cloth. Over a period of time new colours and fabrics were introduced.

Chikankari is most sought after during summers and extreme hot conditions because of the usage of thin fabric which does not stick to your body and are extremely light in weight.  Chikankari is a time consuming process as it is completely hand-embroidered. The process involves selecting the fabric and printing the design on the same.

Post the embroidery, the fabric is washed multiple times to roughen the edges. Fabrics like silk, crepe, organza, chiffon or tasser drapes well with Chikankari embroidery.

RZU style from Binaca Creations has the latest collection of Chikankari garments from Lucknow. Every piece of garment is carefully made and is authentic. Do check out our website – http://www.rzustyle.com/  or FB page –


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